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Scholarships and Fellowships

Graduate Assistantships

Grad AssistantshipsGraduate students in good standing in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are paid an annual stipend of $24,230. Teaching assistants typically have responsibility for conducting their own research and coursework, as well as teaching two sections of laboratory, whereas research assistants are typically paid from research grants in lieu of teaching. As part of their degree requirements, all Ph.D. candidates are required to teach for at least two regular semesters.

Graduate Fellowships

Bayer logoEvery year, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has four Bayer Fellowships available. These fellowships pay a $2500 supplement per year for two years in addition to the Fellow’s stipend. Applicants to our Ph.D. program will automatically be considered for a Bayer Fellowship. In addition, graduate assistants are encouraged to apply for nationally competitive fellowships.