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Duquesne Hydrology

Nine Mile Run is a 6.1 square mile complex urban watershed in Pittsburgh (Figure 1). The stream begins in an area that is now underground and surrounded by impervious surfaces (e.g., buildings, roads, parking lots). The stream continues west and joined by Fern Hollow Creek, which carries water from Frick Park (mostly natural surfaces) and the surrounding neighborhoods. The stream continues west and south and eventually drains into the Monongahela River across from the Waterfront area.

Nine Mile Run watershed (USGS/ESRI)

Nine Mile Run watershed (USGS/ESRI)

This study began primarily to examine the runoff from the impervious surfaces in Pittsburgh, in particular, road salt. Nine Mile Run is a perfect natural laboratory to examine the differences in the runoff from mainly impervious surfaces and the remainder of the watershed.

Flow and conductivity is measured in several locations throughout the watershed. Preliminary data are available on this page and final data will be placed in data repositories linked below.

Students measuring stream discharge

Students measuring river discharge