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Alumni Network

A Network of Environmental Professionals

Since it was established in 1992, the Environmental Science and Management program at Duquesne University has awarded degrees to more than 400 alumni. Current students and graduates can plug into a network of professionals who work in a wide variety of sectors throughout the environmental field. Following is a sample of positions held by some of our successful alumni.

CERE Alumni

Above: Aileen Evan, Patrick McKee, and Lindsay Baxter

Staff Scientist
Earth Systems, Inc.
New York, New York
-Scott Mayes, MS 2015

Sustainability Manager
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky
-Patrick McKee, MS 2013

Environmental Scientist
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Josh Snedden, MS 2012

Senior Research Associate
Algenol Biofuels
Naples, Florida
-J. Lucas Eastham, MS 2012

Research Fellow
Centers for Disease Control
Atlanta, Georgia
-Naudia Martone, BS/MS 2011

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Regulatory Specialist
Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania
-Hannah Duffy, MS 2011

Compliance Specialist
PA Department of Environmental Protection
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Aileen Evan, MS 2011

Assistant Counsel
PA Department of Environmental Protection
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Nicole Rodrigues, BS/MS 2007, JD 2010

Program Manager for Energy and Climate
Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Lindsay Baxter, MS 2008

Director of Corporate Risk Management
Caesars Entertainment Corporation
Las Vegas, Nevada
-Brad Waldron, MS 2001

CERE Graduates