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Dual Degree Programs

The Department of Physics offers two dual degree programs:

Binary Engineering Program: B.A. in Physics / B.S. in Engineering

This is a five-year program resulting in a Bachelor of Arts in physics and a Bachelor of Science in engineering. Students first attend Duquesne University for three years and then spend two years at an associate school, either Case Western Reserve or the University of Pittsburgh. For details, visit the Binary Engineering Program page. 

Physics Teacher Program: B.A. or B.S. in Physics / M.S.Ed. in Secondary Education

This is a five-year program resulting in a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Physics and a Master of Science in Education. Students begin as Physics majors, taking all Physics requirements.  In the third year, students apply to the School of Education for admission into the M.S.Ed. program. During the fourth year, students take graduate education courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.  At the end of the fourth year, students graduate with a Physics degree.  During the fifth year, they take exclusively education courses at a 35% discounted tuition rate. 

According to national statistics, fewer than 30% of individuals teaching Physics in high school hold a degree in Physics. This is due to a shortage of candidates with a Physics degree. Having a Physics degree is an advantage when applying for Physics jobs. With a Physics degree, you are prepared to teach from day one on the job.

For details, visit the Physics Teacher Program page.