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The graduate students of the Department of Biological Sciences make up a diverse and vibrant scientific community that is intrinsic to the functioning of the Biology laboratories. They have come from all over the world, from different scientific backgrounds, to advance in their development as great scientists. They also have an exciting opportunity to become brilliant teachers; almost all of the graduate students are teaching assistants for the majority of their time at the Bayer School. It is a close-knit group of students, faculty and staff, that cultivates an excellent environment to learn, teach and do amazing scientific research.

The Graduate Student Organization of the Biological Sciences (GsOBs) is a graduate student organization run by a team of current graduate students. They organize professional and social events, host invited speakers to give seminars and take part in various fundraising events throughout the year. Their efforts ensure that the interests of the students are advanced by working closely with departmental faculty and staff. This helps to foster a pleasant environment for all those working, teaching and researching in the department of Biological Sciences.

WiPs (work in-progress talks) are lunch time talks organized for students to update their department on their research. It is a great environment to support each other's work.

Darwin Day is an event held in mid-February. A speaker is invited to talk about an evolution related topic. The GsOBs usually hosts a dinner and sells t-shirts before the event.

Meetings take place once a month. Upcoming events, fundraising opportunities and general issues concerning the graduate students are discussed.

The GsOBs have plenty of fun social events planned! Dinners, a retreat at Schenley Park and outreach events are some of the activities planned for the coming year!

All graduate students in Biology are automatically members! Dues are $10 each year. They cover the cost of food and drink at meetings, and if you pay each year, the organization will bind a copy of your thesis when you graduate.