Faculty and Staff

"The best attribute of the Bayer School is the faculty. Thanks to the instructors' broad backgrounds, I learned not only biotechnology, but also other related fields, such as disease diagnosis, pharmaceuticals and medical devices."
-Minghua Li, M.S. Biotechnology '17


Dr. Alan SeadlerDonald L. Very, Jr., Ph.D.
Interim Director

M.S. Degree Program in Biotechnology
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

100 Mellon Hall
Email: veryd@duq.edu


Dr. Philip E. Auron
Professor of Biological Sciences

Eukaryotic gene regulation and signal transduction.

Office Phone: 412.396.5657
Email: auronp@duq.edu


Dr. Aleem Gangjee
Professor of  Medicinal Chemistry

Cancer drug development and discovery.

Office Phone: 412.396.6070
Email: gangjee@duq.edu


Dr. Jelena Janjic
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

Design, synthesis, formulation and biological testing of multifunctional nano reagents with focus on molecular imaging and drug delivery.

Office Phone:  412-396-6369
Email:  janjicj@duq.edu


Dr. Wilson S.  Meng
Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Peptide immunotherapy, T-cell epitope prediction, dendritic cell biology, cancer genetic immunization.

Office Phone: 412.396.6366
Email: meng@duq.edu

Dr. Alan SeadlerAlan Seadler, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Duquesne University

John A. Viator, Ph.D.
Program Director and Professor
Diagnostic imaging of melanoma, laser induced photoacoustic imaging.
309 Libermann Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.2661

Richard Confer P.E.
Instructor - Vice President of Regulatory and Quality Affairs
Smith and Nephew (formerly Blue Belt Technologies)
FDA and ISO compliance, business development, 510K and IDE submittals, clinical trials

Lauren Ernst Ph.D.
Instructor - Research Scientist
Carnegie Mellon University
Analysis of Biomolecules, Cell Biology, Flow Cytometry.

Graduate Advisor

Heather CostelloHeather Costello
Senior Academic Advisor: Graduate Students

100 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6339
Email: costelloh@duq.edu