Chemistry and Biochemistry

What makes the chemistry and biochemistry programs at Duquesne the best in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania?

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Duquesne has many advantages over other schools, where it's time for bigger goals and we enable you to achieve them. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the latest accomplishments of our that students, similar to the great things you can do at Duquesne too!

Also, check out what our undergraduates have to say about their experiences and our latest successes for the programs you could soon be a part of! You get the big school advantages in a small school setting. The size of our department is small enough to allow our undergraduate and graduate students to have a personalized experience, but at the same time we offer access to top-notch research opportunities and modern instrumentation typically available at larger universities.

  • You are in small-size classes that are directly taught by world-renowned professors, plus our professors love and want to teach! We use the cohort model for our undergraduate programs, so you are in the same classes with students from the same major from freshman through senior years (typically less than 25-30 students). This approach facilitates success during college and enables important life-long friendships and career connections.
  • Students in the Organic Chemistry LabSince our Ph.D. and M.S. programs are an integral part of the department, you can start undergraduate research projects as early as your freshman year, much earlier than many other schools! You would work as part of a team alongside our graduate students and world-renowned faculty, so you get research experience at Duquesne that rivals that of a major research university. This also allows you to directly use modern and relevant instrumentation and facilities that you would not have access to at many other schools! Furthermore, you also get to present your research at various national symposia and have a great chance of being an author on scientific manuscripts!
  • You have choices for which chemistry fields to study and earn a degree, including the prestigious American Chemical Society B.S. in Chemistry degree! We are also excited about the newest opportunities for our undergraduates: the Pre-Health Track B.S. Biochemistry major for those interested in medical school and the various dual degree programs! Three dual degree programs exist, with a fourth on the way. The dual degree program would provide you the opportunity to earn a B.S. and M.S. degree in five years instead of six. Currently, you can earn a B.S. in Chemistry with an M.S. in Chemistry, B.S. in Chemistry with an M.S. in Environmental Chemistry, and B.S. in Chemistry with an M.S. in Education. We expect to soon have approval a B.S. in Biochemistry with an M.S. in Chemistry program!
  • This personalized experience provides an optimal preparation for your future. Upon graduation, our students have had exceptional success for acceptance into top-tier graduate schools and medical schools, as well as obtaining employment in various sectors!
  • These enhanced hands-on experiences, together with the excellent classroom education we offer at Duquesne, would give you the means and confidence to be successful in pursuing your career goals. Our recent undergraduate alumni have advanced to prestigious graduate schools (Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Duke, UPenn, Emory, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Penn State, UC Davis, UCLA, Michigan), medical and dental schools (Temple, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Pittsburgh, LECOM, Marshall, University of Vermont), and careers in industry (Covestro, PPG, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, L'Oréal).
  • Students in the General Chemistry LabThe high quality of our Ph.D. program is validated by the ability of our graduates to secure jobs and advance in their fields. Our recent alumni have progressed in industry (PPG, Covestro, Outlook Therapeutics, Regeneron, Eurofins), post-doctoral positions (Cal Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Boston College, University of Pittsburgh, Michigan), academia (Rhodes College, Cabrini University, CMU, University of Pittsburgh, Grove City, Wesleyan of Ohio), and the government (NETL, CDC, NIST), serving as ambassadors of Duquesne's commitment to excellent education in chemistry and biochemistry.
  • From our department, the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, and across the University, there are many relevant clubs to enhance your educational experience and provide important personal and career development opportunities. Most of our students are involved in these organizations, many being involved in multiple clubs, and many also having officer positions. Examples of these clubs would be the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates, Women in STEM, the BSNES Multicultural STEM Group, and the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science.