Analytical Chemistry Research Faculty

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has multiple faculty members that focus on analytical chemistry and stand out by winning an abundance of various awards, including R&D 100 awards, and holding a multitude of patents. The research mentored by these professors involve employment of and developing new techniques for mass spectrometry. Furthermore, the research interests of these professors is wide-ranging, from gas-phase and metal ion analysis, to environmental pollutants and nascent detection of human disease biomarkers, to forensic chemistry. Like the other faculty members on the department, these professors take pride in their mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students and offer a variety of research projects. The outcomes of these research projects have manifested as numerous publications and presentations with authors that are graduate and, in many cases, undergraduate students.

Dr. Skip KingstonDr. H. M. (Skip) Kingston


The Kingston research group develops and employs a variety of mass spectroscopic techniques to develop medical diagnostic test measurements that identify human diseases, investigate environmentally impactful chemicals such as persistent organic polutants, to develop human biomarker detection approaches for early detection of autism, and other groundbreaking projects.

Dr. Michael Van StipdonkDr. Michael Van Stipdonk

Associate Professor

The Van Stipdonk lab utilizes and develops a variety of mass spectrometry techniques to address a wide range research topics, from analyses of various gas-phase ions to a multitude of detection methods forensic science methods.

Dr. Stephanie WetzelDr. Stephanie Wetzel

Teaching Assistant Professor

The Wetzel research group employs a variety of mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques in developing an array of forensic science methods for samples ranging from drugs to gun powder residue. This group also utilizes these techniques to characterize synthetic polymers.