Inorganic Chemistry Research Faculty

Similar to the other traditional fields of chemistry, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry have several faculty members that focus their research on the field of inorganic chemistry. These faculty members have won awards, written a multitude of scientific journal articles, given research presentations at prestigious conferences, and govern research projects that are on the cutting edge of their particular facets of inorganic chemistry. These facets are wide-ranging, from materials chemistry that focuses on the solid-state, to various categories of semi-conductors and to catalysts involving a variety of inorganic elements. Like the other faculty members on the department, these professors take pride in their mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students and offer a variety of research projects.

Dr. Jennifer AitkenDr. Jennifer Aitken


The Aitken research group focuses on the elucidation of new crystal structures, and the synthesis and study of novel solid state materials. These research topics include solid-state inorganic materials and semiconductors possessing varying properties. These materials have shown promise in shifting the wavelengths of lasers to other desirable wavelengths for use in the military, medical, and industrial fields.

Dr. Aaron BloomfieldDr. Aaron Bloomfield

Assistant Professor

The Bloomfield lab is interested in homogenous catalysts (catalysts in the same phase as the reaction components) that are inorganic or metallo-organic constructs for organic reactions and green chemistry.

Dr. Paul LummisDr. Paul Lummis

Assistant Professor

The lab group mentored by Dr. Lummis involves research on main-group (s- and p-block) inorganic and organometallic catalysts for organic syntheses.