Organic Chemistry Research Faculty

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has multiple award-winning faculty members whose research foci involve organic chemistry. These interests involve a wide range of activities, from environmentally-friendly synthesis approaches of existing compounds, to development of new compounds and catalysts, to elucidation of theoretical aspects using computational chemistry, and others. These well-respected faculty members directly mentor undergraduate and graduate students alike for a variety of research projects. The outcomes of these research projects have manifested as numerous publications and presentations with authors that are graduate and, in many cases, undergraduate students.

Dr. Bruce BeaverDr. Bruce Beaver


The research interests of the Beaver lab are focused on reactions of molecular oxygen with organic compounds that contain derivatives of the indole and carbazole functional groups.

Dr. Aaron BloomfieldDr. Aaron Bloomfield

Assistant Professor

The Bloomfield lab is interested in homogenous catalysts for organic reactions (catalysts in the same phase as the reaction components) and green chemistry.

Dr. Jeffrey EvanseckDr. Jeffrey Evanseck

Professor, Lambert F. Minucci Endowed Chair in Engineering and Computational Sciences

The research interests of the Evanseck lab involve theoretical biophysical and physical organic chemistry via computational approaches, while also connecting theoretical and experimental outcomes.

Dr. Paul LummisDr. Paul Lummis

Assistant Professor

The lab group mentored by Dr. Lummis involves organic chemistry during research on main-group (s- and p- block) organometallic chemistry and catalysis.

Dr. Thomas MontgomeryDr. Thomas Montgomery

Assistant Professor

The Montgomery lab research foci involve novel methods towards the synthesis of bio-relevant compounds and the development of catalysts employed during those syntheses.