Ph.D. in Chemistry

According to the most recent National Research Council ranking, Duquesne University's Ph.D. program ranks among the top 100 Chemistry programs in the country. Moreover, it ranks as high as 6th in "Student Support and Outcomes" and 35th in "Program Diversity." The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers an innovative Ph.D. program designed to transition each young scientist rapidly into an active research professional.

The centerpiece of the first year of study is the research rotation program. After evaluating the department's ongoing research, each student selects up to two research groups for semester-long rotations. At the end of each semester, a student is expected to write a summary of the research experience, give a short presentation and answer questions.

After choosing a research advisor and dissertation project, the student will actively engage in research, begin taking fundamental and special topic courses recommended by a dissertation advisory committee, present a dissertation outline and write and defend an original research proposal. Once the dissertation research nears completion, the student presents an oral dissertation data defense, completes the research and writes and defends the dissertation. Throughout the process, each student is closely mentored by the dissertation advisory committee, chaired by the student's research advisor.