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Congratulations Dr. David Seybert

Dr. Seybert Excellence Award in Service to the Mission

On Tuesday, September 17, Dr. David Seybert was honored as a recipient of the President's Award for Faculty Excellence in Service to the Mission.

ACS Outstanding Chapter Award

Congratulations to our ACS Student Chapter and their advisors from last year, Dr. Jeffrey Evanseck, Dr. Paul Johnson and Dr. Nithya Vaidyanathan, for winning the Outstanding Chapter Award and the ACS Green Chemistry Award again.

Welcome Drs. Bloomfield and Montgomery

The department is excited to welcome two new faculty. Aaron Bloomfield from the Crabtree Lab at Yale University and Thomas Montgomery from the Amos Smith Lab at the University of Pennsylvania will joined us as tenure-track faculty in Summer 2018.

4+1 B.S. in Chemistry to M.S. in Chemistry

This new opportunity allows students earning their B.S. in Chemistry to earn their M.S. in Chemistry with one additional year. According to the ACS Salary Survey, chemists with master's degrees may earn an average of $19,000 more than those with a bachelor's degree. This opportunity prepares students to graduate with the skills employers require to meet the growing need for master's level professionals.

Although a Master of Science degree usually takes two years after earning a bachelor's degree, the 4+1 program will allow students to maximize their Duquesne undergraduate degree by earning a M.S. with just one additional academic year of courses.

Apply as a chemistry major. Once you have submitted your deposit to become a Duquesne student, you can tell your advisor that you want to pursue the 4+1 track. You will officially apply to the program between the fall of your sophomore year and the fall of your junior year.

ACS Students

Congratulations to Our Award-Winning ACS Student Members Group! 

ACS Outstanding Student Chapter Award SEVENTH year in a row!
2012 - 2018

ACS Green Chemistry Chapter Award FOURTH year in a row!
2015 - 2018