Resources for Current Students

Duquesne Safety Initiative

The Duquesne Safety Initiative was developed in response to the Dow Safety Initiative, a partnership between Dow Chemical Corporation, the University of Minnesota, the University of California-Santa Barbara, and Penn State University, to change the safety culture in academic research laboratories. The main focus of the initiative establishes a team of students and faculty committed to developing programs which promote safe laboratory environments and procedures fit for carrying out cutting-edge research.

Tutoring and Office Hourse Schedule 

Tutoring from experienced and successful undergraduates as well as office hours from instructors and teaching assistants are now available and will be open until the end of the semester! The chemistry department provides tutoring and office hours to students free of charge. Tutoring appointments are available seven days per week, throughout most of the days, and scheduled using the Penji app or website.Tutoring can occur at the chemistry department Study Center on the third floor of Mellon Hall (in the newly renovated area windows looking toward the Bayer Hall), at Gumberg Library, or virtually via Zoom. Office hours are drop-in throughout weekdays, and primarily happen at the Study Center (some virtual office hours via Zoom are available).

Tutoring is available for the following classes. The link below provides a more detailed schedule of available tutoring and office hours.

Academic Integrity Policy for the
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

All students are responsible for maintaining academic integrity with regard to class assignments, examinations, and any other requirements related to their courses of study in accord with the Academic Integrity Policy for the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Students in violation of the academic integrity code will be referred to the Office of the Dean. Consequences for violating the academic integrity policy range from receiving a failing grade on an assignment, an exam, or the entire course, to dismissal from the university. Poor grades given as a result of academic integrity violations are not eligible to be dropped or replaced.