Fall 2021 Tutoring and Office Hours Schedule

Chemistry Study Center on the Third Floor of Mellon Hall

Tutoring and office hours for various Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry courses are back to in-person for the Fall 2021 semester! Also, check out the redecorated Study Center, modernized to facilitate a comfortable atmosphere that optimizes learning! It's in the same location as before, at the end of third floor of Mellon Hall by the windows that are nearest Bayer Hall.

Tutoring is scheduled via the Penji app or website and occurs with hand-picked, experienced, and high quality undergraduates. In general, tutoring occurs one-on-one to optimize the learning experience, but at most occurs in a small group setting. Tutoring can occur at the Study Center on the third floor of Mellon Hall, at Gumberg Library, or virtually via Zoom. Tutoring is available throughout the day and occurs weekdays and weekends.

Office hours occur with the Ph.D. instructors and graduate student Teaching Assistants that teach many of the laboratory and recitation courses. Almost all of the office hours are drop-in at the Study Center on the third floor of Mellon Hall, with select office hours via Zoom. It is common to receive one-on-one or small group learning during office hours. Office hours occur throughout the day and occur on weekdays.

The tutoring schedule is organized based on: