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Center for Environmental Research & Education (CERE)

Preparing Environmental Professionals -- through Research and Education -- for almost 30 Years!

Since 1992, Duquesne University's Center for Environmental Research and Education (CERE) has been preparing students to become effective environmental professionals and leaders. Guided by the principles of sustainability outlined by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the triple bottom line theory, CERE is dedicated to providing students with an education that focuses on tackling environmental, social and economic issues. 

CERE's academic programs prepare graduates for jobs in every sector, from non-profit organizations and consulting firms, to government agencies and research labs. 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

CERE's Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science gives students a strong foundation in the natural sciences and mathematics while providing them with a broad background in environmental issues. Courses emphasize the integration of science, policy, and theory as well as connections to the local community and private sector.

Learn more about our Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science here.

Minors in Environmental Science and Studies

The Minor in Environmental Science is perfect for science students looking to tailor their education to current pressing environmental issues. You'll be able to focus on topics that inspire you like sustainable agriculture, ornithology, environmental justice, and more!

The Minor in Environmental Studies embraces the intersectional nature of sustainability and environmental issues. Students are invited to explore the social, scientific, and economic impacts of environmental studies.

Learn more about our Minors in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies here.

Master of Environmental Science and Management

The Master of Environmental Science and Management offers students a flexible and robust degree that will enable them to be leaders in the environmental field. With courses taught by full-time faculty and working environmental professionals, this program is perfect for those looking to take their career to the next level.

Learn more about our Master's Degree in Environmental Science and Management here.

Professional Certificate in Environmental Science or Environmental Management

CERE's Certificate Programs in Environmental Science and Environmental Management offer professional working knowledge of pressing environmental issues such as environmental policy, field research, sustainable business practices and more.

Learn more about our Professional Certificates in Environmental Science and Environmental Management here.

Campus Sustainability Reports

The Center for Environmental Research and Education conducts regular campus sustainability reports including Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories and the STARS Report, facilitated by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Find the most recent reports here.

What Students are Saying about Environmental Science at the Bayer School: