CERE Faculty and Staff

The Center for Environmental Research and Education offers courses on a wide variety of subjects, from public policy to terrestrial field biology. Some courses will be taught by CERE's full-time faculty members as well as professors from Duquesne University's Biology, Chemistry, and Business departments. Others are taught by working professionals who have experience from government agencies, consulting firms, law firms, non-profit organizations, and more. This combination enables students to learn topics from a multitude of perspectives and develop well-rounded skillsets.

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John StolzDr. John F. Stolz
Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education
Professor, Environmental Microbiology

332 Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4367
Email: stolz@duq.edu


Mary Kate Ranii Mary Kate Ranii
Graduate Program Coordinator

333 Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4095
Email: raniim@duq.edu

Dorothy Rigby

Dorothy Rigby, M.S.Ed
Undergraduate Academic Advisor

321 Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4921
Email: rigbyd@duq.edu


CERE Instructor, Dr. Neil Brown

Dr. Neil Brown
Visiting Assistant Professor

339E Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412-396-4094
Email: brownn5@duq.edu

Dr. David Kahler

Dr. David M Kahler
Assistant Professor

333A Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412-396-23433
Email: kahlerd@duq.edu

Philip Reeder, Ph.D.,  

Dr. Philip Reeder

320 Fisher Hall
Email: reederp@duq.edu

Affiliated Faculty and Adjunct Instructors

CERE Instructor

Gregory Barton, MS, JD
Adjunct Professor

Email: bartong@duq.edu

Jessica Bellas

Jessica Bellas, PE, PMP, PMI-ACP
Adjunct Professor

E-mail: bellasj@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Dr. Ted Corcovilos
Assistant Professor - Physics

309C Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5973
Email: corcovilost@duq.edu

Elisabeth Dakin

Dr. Elizabeth Dakin
Adjunct Professor - Biology

233 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.1104
Email: dakine@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Emily M. Day, MS
Adjunct Professor

Email: mashudae@duq.edu

E. Joseph Duckett

Dr. E. Joseph Duckett
Adjunct Professor

Email: duckettj@duq.edu

Frederick Fochtman

Dr. Frederick W. Fochtman
Adjunct Professor - Forensic Science and Law

Email: fochtman@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Adam Gailey, MS, PWS
Adjunct Professor

Email: gaileya@duq.edu

Dr. Jan Janecka

Dr. Jan E. Janecka
Associate Professor - Biology

236 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5640
Email: janeckaj@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Thomas Joseph, PE
Adjunct Professor

Stanley Kabala

Dr. Stanley J. Kabala
Adjunct Professor

Office Phone: 412.396.4749 
Email: kabala@duq.edu

Skip Kingston

Dr. H. M. 'Skip' Kingston
Professor - Chemistry

332A Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5564
Email: kingston@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Dr. David Lampe
Professor - Biology

209 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6322
Email: lampe@duq.edu 

Edward C. Moretti

Edward C. Moretti
Adjunct Professor

Email: morettie@duq.edu

Brady Porter

Dr. Brady Porter 
Associate Professor - Biology

229 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5786
Email: porterb@duq.edu

John Quinlisk

John Quinlisk
Adjunct Professor

Email: quinliskj@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Nicole Rodrigues Rial
Adjunct Professor

Email: rodriguesn@duq.edu

Dr. Michelle Schaper

Dr. Michelle Schaper
Adjunct Professor

Email: schaperm@duq.edu

Dr. Kyle Selcer

Dr. Kyle Selcer
Associate Professor - Biology

241 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5967
Email: selcer@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Tiffany Taulton
Adjunct Professor

Email: taultont@duq.edu

Dr. Nancy Trun

Dr. Nancy Trun
Associate Professor - Biology

256 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.1853
Email: trun@duq.edu

CERE Instructor

Dr. Michael Van Stipdonk
Associate Professor - Chemistry

341 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4923
Email: vanstipdonkm@duq.edu

Sarah Woodley

Dr. Sarah Woodley
Associate Professor - Biology

225A Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6320
Email:  woodleys@duq.edu