Opportunities and Activities

On-Campus and in Pittsburgh

Campus Organizations:

Evergreen is Duquesne University's environmentally conscious organization that helps to educate the DU community on sustainability on-campus and works to keep our local neighborhoods clean and green. Evergreen collaborates with the Uptown Partners of Pittsburgh to keep the Uptown neighborhood a cleaner & greener place. Activities include Green Week during the fall semester, the Earth Day Fair, and Spring Clean-Up during the spring semester as well as monthly litter pick-ups and educational opportunities throughout the year. Email evergreen@gmail.com to get involved!

Ecology Club works to achieve conservation through research. Members participate in bio-surveys, maintain an on-campus pollinator garden, conduct science outreach, and more. Email duqecologyclub@gmail.com to get involved!

Multicultural STEM Club (MSG) works to form an association of students within the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as a means to promote diversity and multicultural sensitivity within the field. MSG also works to provide a network for students and professionals interested in STEM careers, internships, research, community engagement, and service. Email duq.msg@gmail.com to get involved.

D.U.Quark is Duquesne University's student-run scientific journal, which publishes student research, news articles, opinion pieces, and more. D.U.Quark aims to engage all members of the campus community in an interdisciplinary conversation about local and global research. Email duquark@gmail.com to get involved.

Faculty Mentoring:

Each student receives individualized attention from a graduate advisor who is regularly available for meetings before evening classes. The advisor works with students to help them track their academic progress in the program. All new students have assistance in creating a study plan that will help them meet their goals.

The program director and other faculty provide more in-depth course advisement as well as career mentoring. With an average class size of fewer than 12 students, the program offers a high degree of student-faculty interaction. The faculty includes researchers from the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, as well as seasoned environmental professionals who are currently practicing in the field. They provide instruction that is based on real-world experience.

Campus Sustainability Research & Projects

The Center for Environmental Research and Education conducts regular campus sustainability reports including Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories and the STARS Report, facilitated by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Find the reports here.

In 2020, the Center for Environmental Research and Education installed the first campus-community garden. This garden serves to fight food apartheid in neighboring Uptown, combat stormwater overflow in the City of Pittsburgh, and increase biodiversity on campus. Email envscience@duq.edu to get involved!

Environmental Speaker Series (EnviroBytes)

Every month during the Fall and Spring semesters the Center for Environmental Research and Education hosts speakers from the environmental sector to talk about current projects, programs, research, and opportunities. Recent participants include the National Aviary, Phipps Botanical Gardens, Bartlett Tree Experts, Scalo Solar, and Allegheny Goatscape.

Student With Net in Wetland Student with Butterfly Students and Faculty with Poster

Off-Campus and International

The Environmental Science and Management Program attracts students from around the globe. During a typical academic year, international students make up 10% of the student population, including students under the prestigious Fulbright and Muskie programs. The Environmental Science and Management Program has attracted students from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central, and South America, Europe, and the Middle East. During the typical academic year, international students make up 10% of the student population, including students under the prestigious Fulbright and Muskie programs. Individual ESM students have studied abroad at the University of Cologne in Germany and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

ESM professors have also forged international partnerships by teaching at the University of Cologne and in other institutions throughout Eastern Europe, working with various organizations to create a better environment the world over.

International Research

CERE Faculty and their students currently conduct research in the Limpopo Basin region in South Africa, as well as partner with the Pure Thirst Project in Olkakola, Tanzania. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad as part of the Maymester in Belize studying biodiversity, cultural landscapes, and environmental issues. 

After Graduation

Active Alumni Network

CERE's alumni network includes professionals in every sector of the field who serve in a broad array of positions. Take a look at some of the positions alumni hold, along with a listing of organizations that have employed CERE graduates here.

Challenging and Exciting Careers

CERE alumni and students are decision-makers and go-getters, in demand by major corporations and government agencies in Pittsburgh and across the country. View some of the exciting career choices available to graduates here.