Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science 

Human influence on the environment is shown to be one of the most pressing problems of the 21st century. Because assertions based on a lack of empirical evidence frequently occupy center stage in environmental debates, sound science is needed for environmental decision-making. Duquesne University has responded to this need with the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.

Minor in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies

The Minor in Environmental Science is perfect for science students looking to tailor their education to current pressing environmental issues. You'll be able to focus on topics that inspire you like sustainable agriculture, ornithology, environmental justice, and more!

The Minor in Environmental Studies embraces the intersectional nature of sustainability and environmental issues. Students are invited to explore the social, scientific, and economic impacts of environmental studies.

Is a Major or Minor in Environmental Science Right for Me?

Students interested in the environmental science degree should be highly motivated to learn about the environment in which they live. The ability to think and to reason on their own along with a willingness to ask questions is crucial to make the necessary connections between scientific concepts and their impact on the environment.

Career Choices

The B.S. in Environmental Science provides a broad environmental background. Career choices may include positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Graduates would be prepared to work in such areas as environmental consulting, laboratory or field research, geology, compliance, and environmental education.

Individual Attention and Mentoring

It is our belief that students should receive individual attention during their entire undergraduate career.

Each student plans a course of study in close cooperation with a faculty advisor,
and the student's progress is closely coordinated with developing interests.

Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to pursue independent research as an essential part of their educational program. Research permits students to develop an even closer relationship with a faculty research director, who then serves as a mentor during career planning.

Course CurriculumsStudent with Research Poster

View the B.S. in Environmental Science Curriculum.

View the Minor in Environmental Science Curriculum

View the Minor in Environmental Studies Curriculum

Undergraduate Honors Program

This program is designed to provide Environmental Science students an opportunity to turn their undergraduate research experience into a formal honors thesis. Learn more about the Undergraduate Honors Program in Environmental Science here