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Environmental Science and Management

Preparing Environmental Professionals -- through Research and Education -- for almost 30 Years!

A lot has changed since the first class of Environmental Science and Management students started in 1992. Today, sustainability and the triple bottom line are guiding principles in the corporate world and now more than ever, policy can make huge impacts on the local and international scale.

  • Global climate change and carbon footprint now provide the impetus for greenhouse gas emissions inventories.
  • Energy generation is now, more than ever, a central environmental issue--whether it's clean coal or unconventional natural gas and oil extractions.
  • Consumers and third parties are demanding improved corporate social and environmental responsibility. 

CERE Remains Committed 

What hasn't changed is the Center for Environmental Reserach & Education's (CERE) commitment to stay at the forefront of environmental issues, going strong since we launched the Environmental Science and Management program in Fall 1992. CERE's academic programs prepare graduates for jobs in every sector, from non-profit organizations and consulting firms, to government agencies and research labs. 

Our expanded programs are perfect for students looking to make positive impact on the environment and society:

  • Graduate Degrees in Traditional Environmental Science and Management or with a Conservation Biology Track
  • Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Science
  • Professional Certificates in Environmental Science or Environmental Management
  • Dual Degrees in Environmental Science and Management and Energy and Environmental Law, Sustainable Business Practices, or Undergraduate Environmental Science

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What Students are Saying about Environmental Science at the Bayer School: