Forensic Science and Law

Duquesne's Master of Science in Forensic Science and Law is the nation's only entry-level program combining science and law answering a critical need for skilled professionals in the exciting, yet challenging field of forensics. The program's faculty includes professors from both the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and Duquesne University's prestigious Law School, making it the only one of its kind in the nation.

The Master of Science in Forensic Science and Law Program is accredited by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). FEPAC-accredited programs have been rigorously reviewed and found to meet the standards for quality forensic science education. By choosing an accredited program, you will have the added assurance that your education will assist you in establishing a career in forensic sciences. The curriculum provides graduates of the program with credentials sought by employers and laboratories in the field.  Read More » Names the Duquesne University MS in Forensic Science and Law Among the Best Forensics Master's Programs of 2020-21

In a field that relies on the kind of scientific discipline and meticulous attention to detail it takes to uncover useful information from evidence collected at crime scenes, it takes a graduate degree to develop the skills forensics professionals need to get the job done.

Schools that offer forensics degrees need to have a real commitment to academic rigor, making sure students get the best opportunities for hands-on learning under the guidance of instructors with a lot of experience to draw from. brings that same kind of dedication to putting together the resources students need to get into the field. That's why we wanted to make it easier to find the very best master's programs out there. We took on the task of reviewing every single forensic science master's degree in the U.S. offered at accredited schools in search of exceptional programs we could confidently recommend to anybody serious about a career in the field.

When we came to the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Science at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, it was clear we had a winner. By bringing in world-class Duquesne faculty from both the Law School and the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Science, and offering the only program of its kind in the country that combines science and law, the Duquesne University MS in Forensic Science and Law easily earns a place on our list of Top Picks for the Best Master's Degree Programs in Forensic Science for 2020-21!

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