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Forensic Science and Law

Achieve Bigger Goals with an M.S. in Forensic Science and Law

Duquesne's Master of Science in Forensic Science and Law is the only entry level forensic science program in the country. Combining science and law, our program responds to a critical need for skilled professionals in the exciting and challenging field of forensics.

Recent developments in scientific research and technology have revolutionized the pursuit of justice. Forensic scientists uncover the facts that lead to the truth. As a graduate from our program you will be highly trained to apply scientific principles and techniques to the analysis of evidence, while at the same time understanding the legal framework in which the science is utilized.

Logo featuring scales of justice and a DNA strand. Text reads Forensic Science and Law, Duquesne University.

Our faculty includes professors from both the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and Duquesne's prestigious Law School, providing you with a rich and unique education. Through this five-year program of rigorous study you will build on your knowledge of the sciences and and learn about their application to the civil and criminal justice systems. 

In your first four years you will take coursework toward earning a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry or Biology. By the end of your fifth year you will have earned a Master's in Forensic Science, giving you the knowledge, experience and credentials sought by employers and laboratories in the field.

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