Alumni Spotlight

Boris Mezhinsky

M.S. Forensic Science and Law, 2009
B.S. Biology, 2008

Boris Mezhinsky portraitBoris Mezhinsky is the Vice President of Claim Operations with Cigna Corporation located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Boris is responsible for oversight of the Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Waiver of Premium & Voluntary Claim Teams. Boris began his career at Cigna as a member of the Accident Death and Dismemberment claim team where he was responsible for analyzing and adjudicating claims presented under Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies. This involved the analyzing of autopsy/toxicology reports, medical records, police reports, and/or other relevant information against the requirements of the applicable insurance policy. Because the claim analysis are quite complex, the team works closely with pathologists, toxicologists, and other professional resources in order to reach an accurate recommendation.

In regard to the Forensic Science and Law Program, Boris can be quoted as follows: "For me, the most beneficial part of Duquesne University's Forensic Science Program was the diverse opportunities the curriculum offered. I found the combination of the specialized classes, internship at the Mobile Crime Unit, and the opportunity to do research in a variety of different lab environments gave students the opportunity to consider many career paths in the field. In addition, the inquisitive and investigative way of thinking that students develop while in the program also provides students with the ability to approach tasks from a unique perspective. Although my job at Cigna may fall outside the view of what many might consider the traditional forensic science field, my daily responsibilities still demand a large amount of skills and knowledge that I learned at Duquesne University. The Forensic Science program has helped put me in a position to excel, as well as opened up many other opportunities for me to grow at Cigna."

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