Alumni Spotlight

Glenn Bowersox

M.S. Forensic Science and Law, 2009
B.A. Biochemistry, 2008

Glenn BowersoxGlenn Bowersox is a Major in the United States Air Force and is the Commander of the 831st Security Forces Squadron, located at the Thule Air Base in Greenland.

Glenn commands a 60-Defender strong unit and is the Defense Force Commander of the Air Force's largest overseas installation covering a massive 254 square miles north of the Arctic Circle. His team provides integrated defense operations to Protection Level I, II and III resources consisting of 24 restricted and contolled areas. Additionally, Glenn is the Anti-Terrorism Officer and Chief of the Law-and-Order mission. He coordinates with Danish authorities to safeguard the 600 assigned base personnel.

Glenn feels the strongest attribute of the Forensic Science and Law Program is the quality of the instructors. “Every course was taught by a seasoned, experienced expert in that specific course of study. The high quality of the instructors allowed the students to go beyond the words in the textbook and allowed for a true understanding of the material.” Another benefit of the program for Glenn was that he was able to perform undergraduate research which exposed him to how the scientific process works.

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