Alumni Spotlight

McKenna Lohr

M.S. Forensic Science and Law, 2019
B.S. Biology, 2018

McKenna Lohr is a Ph.D. Student in Anthropology at the University of Kansas with a concentration in Biological Anthropology.

Through the Chancellor's Doctoral and University Graduate Fellowships offered through the University of Kansas, McKenna is a Graduate Research Assistant in the KU Anthropological Genetics Research Facility under Dr. Jennifer Raff and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Anthropology. McKenna is interested in utilizing anthropological genetic techniques to characterize population structure of contemporary Artic populations to understand how these populations have changed over time and how genetic characteristics of these populations may have contributed to the peopling of the Americas.

McKenna is grateful to the Forensic Science and Law program at Duquesne University for giving her a well-rounded education in the natural sciences as well as thorough instruction in the laboratory setting. Through an independent research project within the Forensic Science and Law Program, she became interested in how genetic information collected from human remains at archaeological sites could be used to inform upon individual and population-specific characteristics of a site. This interest encouraged her to apply to doctoral programs in biological anthropology to gain further training in anthropological genetics techniques and to further explore ideas and questions related to population genetics. McKenna hopes to complete her doctoral studies with a goal of becoming a future educator for the next generation of biological anthropologists.

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