Alumni Spotlight

Olivia Goodwin

M.S. Forensic Science and Law, 2017
B.S. Biology, 2016

Olivia GoodwinI currently work as a Forensic Specialist III (DNA Analyst) at the Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory in Kansas City, Missouri. My job duties in the Biology/DNA section at the laboratory include screening evidence, developing known and unknown genetic profiles, making comparisons, testifying in court, and educating students in the local community about forensic science.

Duquesne University's accredited Forensic Science and Law program provided me numerous opportunities to be able to succeed in my current forensics field. The diversity of the classes allowed me to determine my niche and excel in it, and the smaller class sizes provided additional support in the more challenging classes. The research aspect of this program - although vigorous - taught me critical thinking skills, time management, and how to communicate technical aspects in simpler jargon.

A combination of my internships, independent research in current technologies such as probabilistic genotyping, and professional relationships with the FSL professors and adjunct faculty gave me a competitive edge when applying for positions right out of school. I cannot thank these teachers enough for their time and encouragement, leading me to my dream job.

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