Alumni Spotlight

Sara Nedley

M.S. Forensic Science and Law, 2006
B.A. Biochemistry, 2005

Sara Nedley is a Forensic Scientist at Gateway Analytical, a subsidiary of ChemImage Corporation located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. Sara is responsible for laboratory analysis and support of method development of applications for various disciplines of forensic science using hyperspectral imaging (HSI). Along with being court qualified in the area of gunshot residue analysis, Sara has experience with various analytical techniques such as FTIR, SEM/EDS, Raman and Vis/Sw-NIR HSI.

Duquesne prepared Sara for her career path through the implementation of a rigorous scientific curriculum. Not only did she graduate with a well-rounded understanding of the forensic sciences, but also with a strong background in chemistry and biology.  The Master of Science degree also introduced Sara into the local forensics community, allowing her to make valuable contacts that she still maintains to this day — but as peer rather than as a student.

Sara credits Duquesne for making her a more desirable candidate to potential employers. “My career path has really been everything I have ever wanted, and more. I credit my education for affording me these opportunities and providing me with the know-how and relationships to help me continue to grow as a forensic scientist,” explains Sara. “I knew I wanted to be a forensic scientist long before Duquesne announced their new program, but by choosing to go to school there, I was provided with the tools to be successful.”

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