Students gathered in a group at the front of a courtroom.

Opportunities and Activities

Our program is rigorous, but that shouldn't prevent you from connecting with other students for some fun and service opportunities! 

Below are some of the opportunities that are available exclusively to FSL students, but you can also participate in the countless other activities offered by Duquesne.

Phi Sigma Lambda

Phi Sigma Lambda CrestPhi Sigma Lambda is a professional fraternity that provides aspiring forensic scientists with a forum from which to share ideas and concerns. An organization that stresses dedication to scholarship and civic duty, Phi Sigma Lambda attracts many of the brightest, most analytical young minds in a setting that fosters intellectual growth and personal development.

By becoming a member of Phi Sigma Lambda, you will associate yourself among the best and brightest young students with a collective interest in forensic science.

Any FSL student that is at or above the level of a second-semester freshman is welcome to join!

 Our Mission

Phi Sigma Lambda unites students in the Masters of Forensic Science and Law Program, instills the aspiration to achieve high academic standing, encourages each member to become more involved in community affairs, strives to uphold values of honesty and integrity, and creates a lasting bond of friendship and loyalty.

Membership Benefits

There are so many benefits to joining Phi Sigma Lambda:

  • Meet new friends in your major.
  • Have older student mentors that can give you information about upcoming classes, professors, books and research opportunities.
  • Fundraising for the Innocence Project as well as for the American Academy of Forensic Science Conference.
  • Fun social events like laser tag, bowling, haunted houses, museums, movie nights and much more.
  • Hear from Duquesne Forensic Science and Law Alumni about their jobs and lives after graduation.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in a Summer Workshop for high school students, that could influence them to become forensic scientists!
  • This professional fraternity looks good on internship and job application.
  • Overall, you will gain professional skills and contacts that will be extremely helpful after graduation.

Summer Workshop

Each summer, students and faculty in our program offer a three-day for high school students from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. The workshop focuses on timely issues in forensics and provides hands-on experience to aspiring forensic science students. 

Participating in the workshop will look great on your resume, but more importantly, you will gain valuable experience in explaining complex concepts, while helping to foster connections with potential future colleagues.

Delta Delta Epsilon

Delta Delta Epsilon is an international honor society that is dedicated to stimulating academic achievement, promoting community understanding, and advancing the fields of forensic science wherever possible.

Mission of the Lambda Chapter

The purpose of this organization is to function as an honor and professional society for students of the forensic sciences. Delta Delta Epsilon is dedicated to recognizing and encouraging excellence in scholarship in the Forensic Sciences.

To accomplish this mission, Lambda Chapter shall:Delta Delta Epsilon crest

  • promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development.
  • confer distinction for high achievement.
  • promote leadership development.
  • stimulate student and faculty dialogue.
  • enrich the intellectual environment of higher education institutions.
  • encourage high standards of practice and ethical behavior.
  • promote attitudes of professional responsibility for the public good.