Person wearing proetective glasses examines an object in blue light.

Research Opportunities

As early as your first year, research will be at the forefront of your experience as a student in our program. Through conducting your own project you will gain valuable experience both working in the lab and presenting your research.

Our program offers the following research courses that will help you to build your own graduate research project, as well as opportunities to expand and present on your research outside the classroom.

Research Intensive Courses

FORE 480 Independent Research, Forensic

1 to 3 credits

Opportunity for selected Forensic Science students work on several ongoing research projects, learning experiment development, problem solving and instrumental methods; and the Forensic DNA Laboratory where students are responsible for sample processing, performing extractions on a variety of source material (bone, tissue, etc), quantification, PCR and genotyping, including database construction.

BIOL 398/399 Undergraduate Research, Biology

1 to 3 credits

Opportunity for selected students to work in the laboratory on research problems under the direction of a faculty member. Registration by permission of instructor. Pass/Fail only.

CHEM 490H Honors Undergraduate Research

1 to 2 credits 

Exceptional undergraduates that have been accepted into the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Honors program will perform advanced level research with the goal of producing sufficient quality data to enable them to prepare an Honors Thesis and manuscripts for publication.

CHEM 490W Undergraduate Research

1 to 2 credits

Selected students work on a research problem under the direction of a faculty member.

Undergraduate Research Program

The Bayer School Undergraduate Research Program (URP) is a paid summer experience that provides students with essential research experiences for careers in STEM-based fields.

You'll spend ten weeks conducting intensive, hands-on research in one of our labs. At the end of the summer you will have an opportunity to present your research.

Watch: FSL students present their work from the URP

AAFS Annual ConferenceA student stands next to her poster presenting her research at AAFS 2020.

Students and faculty from our program regularly attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS). More than 800 scientific papers, breakfast seminars, workshops, and other special events are presented at the annual event.

The AAFS consists of 11 sections representing a wide range of forensic specialties, and the annual scientific meeting gathers these professionals who present the most current information, research, and updates in this expanding field.