Student accomplishments of public recognition

Many wonder: since the Duquesne program is so small, will the opportunities be limited? We actively promote our students' participation in external opportunities that will let them experience large physics settings and will give them the chance to achieve national recognition. Every year a number of our physics majors travel to national labs for research experiences, and to national conferences for presentations. Many physics majors are published co-authors by the time they graduate. Our seniors have been rewarded with academic honors of the highest national impact. In spite of our small size - or perhaps because of it - we provide an environment that supports students in the realization of their full potential.

National and International Internships

In summer 2021 alone, four physics seniors are interning in the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator facility in Newport News, VA: Aiden Boyer, Alyssa Gadsby, Devin O'Neill, and Asia Parker.

JLab 2021

Funding is through the nationally competitive SULI (Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship) program of the US Department of Energy.

Within the last ten years, Duquesne physics majors have interned at several US Department of Energy national labs including:

Our faculty collaborations make it possible for students to experience international research locations. Italy Summer 2019Outside of the US, students have interned at the INFN (Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) in Italy under the auspices of the international exchange program of the US Department of Energy: Connor Pecar (BS 2020) in the Rome location and Robert Behary (BS 2020) in the Genoa location. Connor has been a PhD candidate in the department of physics at Duke University since fall 2020, and Robert has been a PhD candidate in the department of physics at the College of William and Mary since fall 2020.

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Because we have no PhD students, physics faculty recruit undergraduates to assist in their research programs as vital contributors. UG CoauthorsWhen a student persists in a research program for enough time for a valuable contribution to be made, they earn the right to be named as co-authors of a peer-reviewed publication. Typically, between two and five Duquesne physics publications per year include undergraduate coauthors.

Our most recent undergraduate co-authors include Elise Aaron (BS 2020), Morgen Benninghoff (BA 2020), Robert Behary (BS 2020), Abigail Louise Ferris (BS 2021), Jordan Jubeck (BA 2021), Matthew Knauss (BS 2020), Jahnavee Mittal (BS 2021), Asia Parker (BS 2022) and Connor Pecar (BS 2020).

National Academic Awards

Students from our program received prestigious Goldwater Scholarships and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships in recent years:

Claire Saunders, BS 2015 Madeline Galbraith, BS 2018 Abigail Louise Ferris, BS 2021
Claire Saunders, BS 2015 Madeline Galbraith, BS 2018 Abigail Louise Ferris, BS 2021
Goldwater Scholar 2014-15 Goldwater Scholar 2017-18
NSF GRFP Awardee 2018
NSF GRFP Awardee 2021
PhD candidate at Caltech since fall 2015 PhD candidate at Rice University since fall 2018 PhD candidate at University of Wisconsin-Madison since fall 2021