Remote Tutoring

Physics Tutoring

Spring 2021

Physics Tutoring Room

The Department of Physics provides tutoring services by individual appointment. Tutors are undergraduate physics majors in their sophomore through senior year.

In Spring 2021, tutoring services will be offered only in a remote modality via Zoom. 

Sign-up sheets for each tutor are available below. The sign-up sheets display the zoom link for each tutor. To reserve an individual appointment, students must write their name and class they need help within an OPEN tutoring slot in the sign-up sheets and join the zoom session at the scheduled time.

Physics TutoringIf you are walking in, please still write your name in the sign-up sheet to claim the appointment. The tutor will not admit you to the tutoring session if your name is not on the sign-up sheet.

Group appointments are not accommodated.

Tutoring Expectations

Tutors will guide you when you are lost in a homework problem, or they will show you how to do a similar problem. They will also explain to you lecture material that you may be confused about. But tutors are not allowed to do your homework for you. Please make sure to take notes during a tutoring session so that you can complete your homework on your own after the session.

Any questions about tutoring can be addressed directly to the supervisor, Dr Frittelli, at

No work shown, no service!

When you come for your one-on-one tutoring session, you will be asked to show the work you have already done relevant to your question. If you have not done any preparatory work relevant to your tutoring session, you will be asked to reschedule for a later time. Tutors have been instructed not to solve problems from scratch for you.
If you have any questions about our no-work-no-service policy, please address them to the supervisor at


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