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The Department of Physics provides tutoring services by individual appointment. Tutors are undergraduate physics majors in their sophomore through senior year.

Sign-up sheets are available on site at the tutoring center (Room 218 Fisher Hall). To reserve an individual appointment, student must write their name in an OPEN tutoring slot in the sign-up sheets.

Physics Tutoring LabGroup appointments are not accommodated. Tutors may decline to accommodate any students whose names are not first in line in a time slot.

Walk-ins are accommodated only if no appointments have been made at the time they walk in. Walk-ins should write their name in the time slot, to claim the appointment.

In between appointments, tutors are allowed to spend time in the physics student lounge next-door. Please check this room if the tutor is not in Room 218 at the time of your appointment. If the tutor is not in either room at the time of your appointment, the supervisor may be notified at

Tutoring Expectations

Tutors will guide you when you are lost in a homework problem, or they will show you how to do a similar problem. They will also explain to you lecture material that you may be confused about. But tutors are not allowed to do your homework for you. Please make sure to take notes during a tutoring session so that you can complete your homework on your own after the session.

Computer Policy

Computers are not allowed in the tutoring room. Tutoring is a time for learning, not for completing work that you will get credit for. Please do not place the tutor in an uncomfortable situation. If you want to use your computer, step into the public lounge at the east end of Fisher Hall.

Kindly note:

  • Tutors are students too. They need to get their own school work done!
  • Tutors do not get paid for helping outside their posted hours or outside of Room 218 Fisher Hall.
  • Please adhere to their posted schedules.

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Spring 2022 Physics Tutoring Schedule