Bachelor of Science Program – Professional Track

Physics is challenging, mind-opening and... valuable! It can earn you a great paycheck. Do you see yourself joining the research and development team of a large defense contractor or a creative technology startup?

We have created an optional course of study for the physics major that combines the strength of our bachelor-of-science degree with additional components that enhance your readiness for the job market:

  • Hands-on coursework in applied physics
  • Business skills in law, management and entrepreneurship
  • Networking and internship experience

College is not only a chance to learn more but also an investment in your future. The BS in Physics/Professional Track prepares you to be competitive in the job market. You can stay in track, prepping to enter the technology and science workforce, while you enjoy doing what you like best: learning physics.

As a candidate of our bachelor-of-science program you will receive close mentoring to keep your goals and options in sight. Our small student-to-faculty ratio ensures that you will get attention and support at all times.

Required courses
PHYS 404 Solid State Physics (3 credits)
PHYS 491 Introductory Materials Science (3 credits)
PHYS 502 Advanced Optical Theory and Devices (3 credits)
PHYS 532 Data Acquisition and Control or PHYS 508 Computational Physics or an approved substitute in applied physics (3 credits)
BLAW 251 Business Law (3 credits) online
MGMT 361 Management and Organizational Behavior (3 credits) online
ENTR 375 Entrepreneurship (3 credits) online
A professional internship is recommended. A certificate in entrepreneurship is accessible from the School of Business by completing only two additional courses.

Course sequence
The courses indicated below must be taken in sequence because of prerequisite linkages. Courses not appearing in the sequence are flexible.

Semester 1
PHYS 211+211L General Analytical Physics 1 and lab
MATH 115 Calculus 1
Semester 2
PHYS 212+212L General Analytical Physics 2 and lab
MATH 116 Calculus 2
Programming (COSC 150/160/170 C++, Java or Python)
Semester 3
PHYS 301 Optics
PHYS 312 Optics lab
MATH 215 Calculus 3
MATH 310 Linear Algebra
Semester 4
PHYS 374 Modern Physics
PHYS 332 Electronics
MATH 314 Differential Equations
Semester 5
PHYS 461 Mechanics or PHYS 401 Thermal Physics
PHYS 470 Electricity & Magnetism or PHYS 474 Quantum Mechanics
Semester 6
PHYS 464 Advanced Lab
PHYS 472 Electrodynamics or business
PHYS 404 Solid State
PHYS 502 Adv Optical Theory and Devices
Semester 7
PHYS 401 Thermal Physics or PHYS 461 Mechanics
PHYS 474 Quantum Mechanics or PHYS 470 Electricity & Magnetism
Semester 8
PHYS 499W Senior Research
business or PHYS 472 Electrodynamics
PHYS 491 Introductory Materials Science
PHYS 532 Data Acquisition and Control or PHYS 508 Computational Physics