Science Saturdays

Science Saturdays

A passion for research.

Join Duquesne's faculty for a monthly virtual lecture series that highlights exciting research being conducted independently and in conjunction with students at the Center for Environmental Research & Education at the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.  

Science Saturdays will be live-streamed via Zoom at 11 a.m. on these dates:

Saturday, September 26 - Results and Trends of the Water Quality Monitoring in the Lower Allegheny River System

Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Dakin, a post-doctoral researcher and instructor in the Environmental Science and Management program, who teaches Conservation Biology and has research interests combining the areas of conservation genetics, natural history and molecular ecology.

Saturday, October 24 - Understanding Water Quality & Quantity in the Limpopo Basin in Southern Africa

Presented by Dr. David Kahler, assistant professor at the Bayer School's Center for Environmental Research and Education, who teaches fundamental environmental science courses and has research interests in hydrology, primarily for use in international development.

Saturday, November 14 - Microbial Ecology in Stromatolites in Shark Bay

Presented by Dr. John Stolz, director of the Bayer School's Center for Environmental Research and Education, who has research interests that include the fundamental microbial ecology as well as the application of unique microbial species for bioremediation.

Saturday, December 5 - Conservation Genetics with Big Cats

Presented by Dr. Jan Janecka, associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, who teaches Genetics and Bioinformatics and has research interests in conservation genetics of snow leopards and molecular adaptation of bobcats to diverse environmental conditions.