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Meaningful Service

"Service learning was a great experience to apply my science background to involvement in the community, for example getting to go out to Sewickly Creek and Wingfield Pines to get to do hands on work from beginning to end. It was amazing to see what has been done at these sites and see where we are heading in the future.
Service learning has allowed me realize that we can start making an impact in the community now and continue to do so in the future. The choice of being life long learners is ours. We must use our education and acquired skills to help others in our community. Our current education is merely a tool in which we must utilize later in life. This class has allowed me to learn greater about myself in comparison to any other class at Duquesne.
In conclusion, Service learning has a greater meaning than what we think. Service learning is not only about culture, economy, and the environment, but also about knowledge, action, and reflection. In the beginning of Service Learning I wondered where the course would be heading, but now I have faith we are heading in the right direction."

-Michael Petrides, Biology 2015

“Service learning has changed my life forever. That’s all that really needs to be said. We are expanding our Trap/Neuter/Release (Dr. Morrow & Tiger Ranch) project to a new neighborhood with really mean council members. The problem is their ignorance and stubborn attitudes. I grew up with most of these people and I’m taking the matter into my own hands. I can change the world.”

— Courtney Beeker, B.S. Biology May 2011, M.S. Education

“I think this class was very beneficial. It taught me to allot time to things outside of studying and schoolwork. I learned a lot about myself by being forced to step outside my comfort zone. It was really neat to see kids  becoming interested in science because of what I was teaching them. I was not thinking that I would get such a fulfilling feeling from this project. I think that doing a selfless act shows responsibility, respect and overall maturity. I think this class is a great addition to the science curriculum. This class really opened my eyes to other opportunities in volunteering. I found that although volunteering adds to my workload, it also is a way to relax and have fun while still being productive.”

— Alyssa Scarborough (transferred to Cape Town South Africa in 2011)