From the Desk of Dean Reeder

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Dean of the Bayer School. I'm new to Duquesne University having just completed a 10-year term at the University of South Florida, where I served as chair of the Division of Environmental Science and Policy. My current research focus is on paleo-environmental reconstruction and paleo-climate in the tropics. 

As the new dean of the Bayer School, I look forward to continuing Dr. Seybert's good work in increasing awareness of the quality of our science programs, increasing enrollment, and growing our faculty and student research programs—including the infrastructure and instrumentation required to support them.

About my academic philosophy, I believe in a hands-on approach to instruction, administration and leadership. A growing trend in academics is experience-based learning, and the general themes of this paradigm can be applied not only in the classroom, but in administration as well. Regarding educating students, the more contact they have with real-world situations, the better prepared they are to examine, analyze, hypothesize about and discuss these situations.

The students we are educating will be the scientists, politicians, environmentalists, consultants, teachers, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats of the not-so-distant future. They will have the responsibility of teaching about, studying, preserving and exploiting all aspects of the Earth's human, cultural and natural environments and resources through, for example, research, commerce, activism and education. As the global population increases and many aspects of human, cultural and natural environments decline, persons who are knowledgeable about the intricacies of the Earth system—and biological, chemical, biochemical and physical sciences—and who have the ability to analyze a problem, formulate a hypothesis and implement a research design, will be in great demand.

It is a great privilege to have a hand in the shaping of this future through our work here in the Bayer School.

Until next time,

Philip Reeder, Ph.D.
Dean, Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

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