Spring 2013

From the Desk of Dean Seybert

We have made tremendous strides and improvements in the Bayer School, and you should take great pride in being members of the Bayer School family. Continue reading »

$431,000 NSF Grant Funds Exploration of Semiconductors

Dr. Jennifer Aitken, an associate professor of chemistry in the Bayer School, knows semiconductors at their atomic level. Her studies of semiconductor compounds examine exactly how atoms are arranged. Read more »

$304,000 NIH Grant Funds Study of Cell Metabolism

While medical advances constantly conquer new challenges, some very basic questions about how cells function remain unanswered. Research led by biochemist Dr. Jana Patton-Vogt will examine some of the mysteries of cell metabolism. Read more »

2013 Darwin Day Examined Sex and the 'Scala Naturae'

In 2013, are males and females truly seen as equals? Not according to this year's Darwin Day speaker and renowned evolutionary ecologist Dr. Marlene Zuk. Read more »

The History of Science and the Influence of Religion

A new undergraduate course has been offered by the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, with a two-week study abroad component. The course was taught for the first time by Dr. Fraser Fleming, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the spring 2012 semester. Read more »

Bayer School Students Engaged with Research

As a way to promote scientific exchange between researchers and fellow students, 40 Bayer School students have either presented or will present their research at 17 national and international meetings and expositions during the 2012-2013 academic year. Read more »

Ecology & Economics: Redefining Ecosystem Services

Duquesne University's Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Science invites you to join the Center for Environmental Research & Education for a panel discussion that will reveal how preserving our natural resources by putting sound ecological policies in place stimulates the economy. Read more »