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School of Nursing alumni provide (or contribute to) quality health care in a variety of roles—including as NPs, CRNAs, pediatric nurses, forensic nurses, ER nurses, nurse executives, and researchers-locally in Pittsburgh and around the world, from Japan to Africa to South America.

No matter where we are, we are bonded by our shared Duquesne experience and strong educational background. The School of Nursing Alumni Association provides a way to for you to stay connected to Duquesne University and each other, as well as impact and support our future nursing leaders and fellow alumni.

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In Remembrance of Noreen (O'Brien) Beardmore (1961-2021)

noreen and michael beardmoreNoreen (O'Brien) Beardmore, BSN '84, passed away on Sunday, June 13, 2021, at her home in Lafayette, Indiana. She fought a vigorous battle with cancer.

Noreen was a devout Catholic and a selfless woman who spent many years serving mothers and families within her Indiana community, parish and schools.

Read her full obituary.

Helping Students Learn—While Socially Distanced

The SimuMed Nursing Lab is a life-like simulation kit that provides nursing students with exceptional instructional aids they can use to practice basic nursing care skills. Our two kits, which were purchased with the generosity of the Nursing Alumni Association, assisted faculty in meeting COVID-19 guidelines. Now more than ever, we need additional equipment to provide socially distant learning in DU Learning and Simulation Center. Having extra skills trainers, such as these, allows the faculty to appropriately space students in the lab and still provide hands-on practice without the purchase of additional, expensive task trainers. These kits cover both basic and limited intermediate-level skills that are required to provide basic nursing assistance to patients.

Some of skills students can practice with this kit are listed below:
  • Nasogastric Tube Insertion
  • Wound Care
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Female and Male Urinary Catheterization
  • Injections (fluids can be injected in ours to create a more realistic learning experience)
  • Intravenous Insertion
  • Central Line Dressing Change (Waiver Required for Educational Purposes Only)
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Nasal Swab
  • Nasal Suction
  • Oral Suction
  • G-tube Care
Photo of SimuMed Nursing Lab kit and all contents of the kit
student using the SimuMed Nursing Lab kit close up of nursing student doing a nasal swab on a model

2019-2020 Annual Report Published

2019-2020 Annual Report Cover for Duquesne University School of Nursing Alumni Association

Read our latest Annual Report and other publications.

Equipment Support for Learning and Simulation Center

With the increase in nursing enrollment and high usage of equipment in the DU Learning and Simulation Center, Rosanna Henry, MSN, RN, Director of Learning and Simulation Center, requested Alumni support to replace certain equipment. Technologies and methodologies are changing rapidly in nursing, and the need for meaningful learning and providing safe patient care relies on using simulation as an important teaching strategy.

On December 3, 2019, the DU SON Alumni Association Board approved the donation of $225 for the CareTemp Touch Free Thermometer for the DU Learning and Simulation Center. This thermometer is an important clinical screening tool to quickly assess if a patient has an elevated temperature or not.

The thermometer has been a great addition to the teaching and learning process. Student Edward Strah uses the thermometer to take the temperature of his peer, Caden Bizer.

caretemp touchfree thermometer

male nursing student using a touch free thermometer on another male student's forehead

male nursing student using a touch free thermometer on another male student's forehead

In case you have not been to the Learning and Simulation Center, here is a virtual tour.

Port Charlotte Reunion

port charlotte, fl alumni reunion photo

Nursing graduates from the Class of 1963 recently gathered for mini-reunion in Port Charlotte, FL. It looks like a good time was had by all during a visit to Fisherman's Village. Here's to many more years of happy get-togethers! From left: Barbara (Colleran) Lagiovane, Dorothy (Sharak) Houston, Janet (Showalter) O'Connor, Barbara (Kozlowski) Lutz, Eileen (Sirko) Lemmon and Susie (Sorg) Tornature.

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There are currently no events scheduled at this time. Please check back again soon.

Continuing Education

Online Courses


Preventing Nurse Suicide: The Real Psychological Ramifications of the Pandemic
Free webinar recording with up to 1.5 CE hours

Nursing has never been for the faint of heart, but the pandemic took our experiences to a whole new level.

This past year, we have been hailed as heroes and along the way have endured much grief, loss and challenge. Fortunately, our work worlds are feeling normalcy returning. But that does not mean that the traumatic events we experienced have eased from our memories. In fact, maybe the difficult moments just keep replaying. For yourself. For your co-workers. You know something must change but don't know how to get started healing.

The unresolved emotions can feel exhaustive. The burnout and compassion fatigue have felt heavy, leaving many nurses at a point where they feel both emotionally and physically drained. Many of us are searching for answers that go well beyond self-care. If we fail to recognize these feelings, they can lead to depression, anxiety, fatigue, somatic symptoms, and even nurse suicide.

If the live video presentation date and time doesn't work for your schedule, by registering you will also have access to the video recording afterwards.

American Nurses Association

Boosting Vaccine Confidence in Minority Populations

While enthusiasm to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is high among many, a significant number of people are reluctant to take the important step of getting the "shot in the arm." Many factors have an impact on this reluctance, not the least of which include racial, cultural, and ethnic background and past experiences.

The up-to-date and informative ANA COVID-19 webinar is free to all nurses and is now also available as easy to access and view 5- to 13-minute videos.

The full 90-minute webinar explores the current data on COVID-19 vaccination rates among communities of color and illuminates the sources of vaccination reluctance in minority populations. Most importantly, the content identifies key elements of the conversation needed to address vaccine reluctance and boost confidence.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

How to Protect Yourself: Safe Use and Re-Use of PPE
There is no issue that has caused greater concern for nurses related to the pandemic than the availability and use of PPE. This important on-demand webinar focuses on the current PPE guidelines and how to protect yourself.

This new webinar represents a critical and necessary update to the March 2020 webinar. Since that time, our knowledge of COVID-19 and the importance of strong PPE protection has continued to grow, so ANA is providing all nurses access to this free PPE webinar that emphasizes the most current information. If you viewed our first PPE webinar, you will want to register and view this important update. If you did not see the first webinar, it is even more important for you to educate yourself on this critical topic.

Institute for Natural Resources
Home-study options

Pennsylvania State Nurses Association

Job Postings

Please check back often for updates. You can also find openings and connect with fellow alumni on DukesConnect.

If you know of any job openings for fellow alumni, please email Lisa Cunningham at cunninghaml3@duq.edu.