McGinley-Rice Symposium Sponsors


The McGinley-Rice Symposium on Justice for Vulnerable Populations is endowed by the generous support of the Rita M. McGinley Foundation, John R. McGinley, and the John R. McGinley, Jr., Esq., Family.

Rita M. McGinley, Educator and Philanthropist Rita McGinley

Rita M. McGinley, a Pittsburgh girl, was born and raised in the Mon Valley. A graduate of Carlow and Duquesne Universities, she spent her life as a teacher and guidance counselor in her hometown.

During her tenure, her alma mater, Braddock High School, become General Braddock High School and then Woodland Hills High School. These name changes were metaphors for what happened in Braddock during Rita McGinley's life time. What distinguished Rita McGinley from many of her neighbors was that she did not leave town. She stood with the young people of Braddock as powerful people ignored the region's shuttered mills, boarded up store fronts and emerging social problems. She provided leadership, inspiration and funding for numerous charities, organizations and projects in her beloved community and in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Her gentle influence is profound and long lasting. The endowment of the McGinley-Rice Symposia on Social Justice for Vulnerable Populations at the Duquesne School of Nursing is a living testament to her encouragement of nurses, teachers, social workers, physicians and advocates in their work with underserved and forgotten people.