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Faculty headshot of Sister Mary Meyers

Mary Meyers, CSJ., MSN, BA, MS, RN, AGNP-C
Remediation Coordinator

"Nursing does not start when you leave here. It starts the day you set foot in a classroom when everything you learn will be the building block to the next learning. You are building a foundation that will one day affect the patients you care for. It is an awesome responsibility!"

Read how Sister Mary can help support your success as a Nursing student.

Faculty headshot of Dr. Cara Morrill-Stoklosa

Cara Morrill-Stoklosa, DNP, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor

"I hope through my storytelling and means of educating that students realize that nurses are often more than just a 'caretaker' during their 8- or 12-hour shifts. To many patients, nurses quickly become therapists, hands to hold, ears to listen, shoulders to cry/lean on, and even family."

Learn more about Dr. Morrill-Stoklosa's real-world storytelling and education style.

Faculty headshot of Dr. Angela Karakachian
Angela Karakachian, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor

"My best advice for nursing students is to keep up with your readings. You need to read the material every day; don't wait for the last minute to prepare for an exam. If you are not sure about something, ask your instructor. Just tell us how we can help you be successful. We all want you to succeed not only as students, but also as nurses."

Read more about how Dr. Karakachian wants to help support you to not only succeed as a student, but also as a nurse.

Faculty headshot of Amber Kolesar

Amber Kolesar, MSN, RN, CNE, CCRN-K
Director, Second Degree BSN Program

"I love seeing the 'light bulb go off' for students in the classroom or when they come back after clinical and tell the class that they were able to see a patient with the exact same thing that we talked about in class. It really is amazing to watch a student have a moment of understanding. I also get emails when students pass the NCLEX or get their dream job. I love teaching nursing."

Read how Professor Kolesar uses practical examples to help you develop critical thinking skills and how her passion for nursing carries over into her passion for teaching.

Faculty headshot of Dr. Mai-Ly Steers
Mai-Ly Nguyen Steers, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director, Social Media Personalized Normative Feedback Intervention for Heavy Drinking Students Research

"I hope students gain skills they can apply not only to their everyday practice, but to their everyday lives...As an applied psychologist, I can teach future nurses skills from an interdisciplinary angle that they might not gain otherwise."

Learn more about Dr. Steer's research and interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

Faculty headshot of Dr. Mayra Toney
Mayra Toney, DNP, RN
Clinical Assistant Professor

"Duquesne University School of Nursing is highly respected both nationally and abroad. The mission, vision and statement of inclusion, provide a proclamation of what the school is all about. Health, health care and health care settings, as we are aware, can be unpredictable. Circumstances can change very quickly and without notice. We prepare nurses as leaders with the ability to respond to dynamic environments and situations."

Learn more from Dr. Toney about the impact nurses (and nurse students) can have and how you can get involved.