Recent School of Nursing Faculty Publications

Faculty Publications 2021

Balay-Odao, E. M., Alquwez, N., Inocian, E. P., & Alotaibi, R. S. (2021). Hospital preparedness, resilience, and psychological burden among clinical nurses in addressing the COVID-19 crisis in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Frontiers in Public Health, 8, 573932.

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Collins, J. W., Zoucha, R., Lockhart, J. S., & Mixer, S. J. (2021). Cultural aspects of end-of-life advance care planning for African Americans: An ethnonursing study. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 32(5), 558-566.

Concilio, L., Lockhart, J. S., Kronk, R., Oermann, M., Brannan, J., & Schreiber, J. B. (2021). Impact of a digital intervention on perceived stress, resiliency, social support, and intention to leave among newly licensed graduate nurses: A randomized controlled trial. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 52(8), 367-374.

Dixon, M. Schreiber, J. B., Yi, Z., Pauliluius, D., & Baron, R. (2021). P <.05 is in the eye of the beholder: A response to Beaujean and Farmer. Journal of Behavioral Education, 30, 489-511. 

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Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F., Inocian, E. P., Patterson, K., & Adams, K. (2021). Cephalosporins with pseudomonas aeruginosa coverage. MEDSURG Nursing, 30(4), 270-274.

Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F., Inocian, E. P., & Patterson, K. (2021). Stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation. MEDSURG Nursing, 30(6), 403-406.

Fischer, L. E., Wolfe, B. M., Fino, N., Elman, M. R., Flum, D. R., Mitchell, J. E., Pomp, A., Pories, W. J., Purnell, J. Q., Patti, M. E., & LABS Investigators (Kalarchian, M. A. listed as collaborator). (2021). Postbariatric hypoglycemia: symptom patterns and associated risk factors in the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery study. Surgery for Obesity and Related, 17(10), 1787-1798.

Fisher-Grace, K., Turk, M. T., Anthony, M. K., & Chia, L. R. (2021). Use of personal health records to support diabetes self-management: An integrative review. Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 39(6), 298-305.

Inocian, E. P., Cruz, J. P., Saeed Alshehry, A., Alshamlani, Y., Ignacio, E. H., & Tumala, R. B. Professional quality of life and caring behaviours among clinical nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Epub ahead of print 6 Jul 2021, Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Inocian, E., Felicilda-Reynaldo R. F., Dillon, D., & Ignacio, E. (2021). Using Beers Criteria to avoid inappropriate prescribing for older adults. MEDSURG Nursing, 30(2), 113-117. 

Inocian, E. P., Nolfi, D. A., Felicilda-Reynaldo, R., Bodrick, M. M., Aldohayan, A., & Kalarchian, M. A. (2021). Bariatric surgery in the Middle East and North Africa: Narrative review with focus on culture-specific considerations. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, S1550-7289(21), 00312-9.

Ivezaj, V., Carr, M. M., Brode, C., Devlin, M., Heinberg, L. J., Kalarchian, M. A., Sysko, R., Williams-Kerver, G., & Mitchell, J. E. (2021). Disordered eating following bariatric surgery: A review of measurement and conceptual considerations. Surgery for Obesity and Related Disease, 17(8), 1510-1520.

Jones, R., Hirschey, R., Campbell, G., Cooley, M. E., Lally, R., Somayaji, D., Rueter, E. K., & Gullatte, M. M. (2021). Update to 2020-2022 ONS research priorities: Rapid review to address structural racism and health inequities through oncology nursing research agenda. Oncology Nursing Forum, 48(6), 589-600.

Jones, R., Hirschey, R., Campbell, G., Cooley, M. E., Lally, R., Somayaji, D., Rueter, E. K., & Gullatte, M. M. (2021). Update to 2020-2022 ONS research priorities: Rapid review to promote equity in oncology healthcare access and workforce development. Oncology Nursing Forum, 48(6), 604-612.

Kallmerten, P., Schreiber, J. B., & Samuels, J. (2021) The mediating processes of perceived susceptibility, seriousness, ease of use and usefulness in the intent to use a patient portal: A cross sectional study. Journal of Informatics Nursing, 6(3), 14-22.

Kapuscinska, A., Bhujwala, P. M., Kalarchian, M. A., & Hammer, J. (2021) Socio-ecological approach to activity games for girls. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 5, 1-28.

Kalarchian, M. A., Hammer, J., & Kapuścińska, A. (2021). Fostering innovation in prevention and treatment of obesity in youth: Digitally mediated physical play as an exemplar. Obesity, 29(3), 475-477.

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Kim, I., Kapella, M. C., Collins, E. G., Bronas, U. G., Horswill, C. A., Park, C., & Quinn, L. (2021). Corrigendum to geriatric nursing (2020) 872-877. Geriatric Nursing, 42(6), 1481.

Kronk, R., Williams, S., Kaczor, C., & McDanald, A. (2021). Exploring nursing students' attitudes and knowledge in caring for people with disabilities. SSRG International Journal of Nursing and Health Science, 7(2), 9-12.

Leslie, J. L., Odar Stough, C., Lee, S. Y., Mitchell, M. J., & Kalarchian, M. (2021). Healthy measures: Feasibility study of a moderate carbohydrate weight management intervention. Public Health Nursing, 38(6), 1126-1130.

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Schreiber, J. (2021). Book review: Calling bullshit. Numeracy, 14(2), 1-6.

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