Anesthesia nurse inserting an IV

Meet the DNAP Faculty

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The faculty believes that nursing is a human science profession and an academic discipline that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems. We believe the client, conceptualized as an individual, family, group or community, is the focus of the professional nurse. We believe each client and member of the School of Nursing community is unique and holds values and beliefs reflective of their own culture, sense of spirituality, and life experiences.

The faculty believes that there are core competencies that enable a nurse to provide "safe passage" for clients. The core competencies are the basis of the nurse's ability to provide, design, manage and coordinate caring practices. These core competencies are clinical judgment, advocacy, caring practices, systems thinking, response to diversity, facilitation of learning, clinical inquiry and collaboration.

The faculty believes that together we serve students by being strong role models through commitment to excellence as teachers, scholars, clinicians and learners. The faculty is dedicated to cultivating a sense of professional empowerment, a desire for lifelong learning, and a passion for social justice as a way of being in our school and as an integral part of our school community. An innovative curriculum, based on the changing health and socio-cultural needs of populations and the health care delivery system, is integral to the commitment of the faculty to students' learning and development.

The faculty believes that we all learn best when actively engaged in the learning process. The faculty desires to work with students as a community of learners in which all function at a high level of accountability, flexibility and integrity. In that way, a true learning environment can be created that fosters the exchange of diverse ideas and opinions and advances collaboration. In such a learning community, progress can be anticipated and the efficient use of technology can be assessed and incorporated into the total health care environment. An appropriate balance between technology and aspects of human touch and caring is sought.