Two nurse anesthetists in the operating room with a child.

Program Outcomes

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) play a critical role and our DNAP program emphasizes leadership, quality improvement, healthy care policy, research and ethics. The graduate of the DNAP program will:

1. Demonstrate effective clinical judgment through the synthesis and interpretation of multiple data sources and the efficient use of multidisciplinary collaborative approaches.

2. Function as a moral advocate for patients, families and communities, advancing their empowerment in complex situations.

3. Model astute awareness of patient and family needs, anticipating their changing requirements and ensuring patient comfort and safety in all care planning.

4. Actively seek opportunities to teach, mentor and facilitate the professional development of colleagues.

5. Develop, integrate and foster strategies to address issues within the system to enhance patient care services and outcomes.

6. Integrate system-wide responses to health care diversity requirements among patients and staff.

7. Develop creative educational programs for the system to address patient needs, staff development and student achievement.

8. Foster the exploration of new knowledge to address issues in the delivery of health care, especially nurse anesthesia.

9. Advocate for culturally competent environments and systems of care.

10. Sponsor and model ethical decision-making in all aspects of practice including with self, patient, family, community and health care delivery systems.