SIGMA, The Honor Society of Nursing

(formerly known as Sigma Theta Tau International or STTI)

image of students inducted into Sigma Epsilon Phi Chapter

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma, is dedicated to promoting excellence in nursing education, practice and research.

Organization History

  • Founded in 1922
  • Over 400,000 members in more than 90 countries
  • Members include practicing nurses, instructors, researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and others.
  • 446 chapters located at 543 institutions of higher education throughout Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, the Netherlands, Pakistan, South Africa, South Korea, Swaziland, Sweden, Taiwan, Tanzania, and the United States.
  • Visit the Sigma website for more information or view the Epsilon Phi Chapter page

Epsilon Phi Chapter Annual Scholarship Awards

Each year, the Epsilon Phi Chapter seeks proposals from qualified nurses engaged in ongoing and new projects.

2022-2023 Scholarship Awards

The Epsilon Phi Chapter of SIGMA is committed to fostering scholarship to advance the contributions of nurses to science, along with the application of science to nursing practice. The 2022-23 Epislon Phi Chapter Scholarship Award Application is due Monday, August 1, 2022.

Learn more about the awards and submission process.

2021-2022 Epsilon Phi Chapter Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 award winners:

  • Ruth Irwin, PhD, RN, CSN, recipient of the $1,500 General Member Scholarship Award for "Fieldwork Exploration to Evaluate the Feasibility of an Immersion Experience for Master of Science Nursing Students on the Crow Indian Reservation, Montana."
  • Francesca Ezeokonkwo, PhD-C, RN, recipient of the $1,500 Doctoral Student Member Scholarship Award for "Loneliness, Interpersonal Goals, Life Satisfaction, and Subjective Well-being in Older Adults."


Chapter Mission

The stated purpose of the Duquesne Chapter is to recognize superior achievement in nursing and to develop qualities of leadership among nursing professionals and students, to foster high professional standards of nursing practice, and to strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of professional nursing.

Chapter History

  • Inducted into the honor society in March of 1982
  • Chapter has inducted 2,350 members and currently has 348 active members.
  • Epsilon Phi is a chapter that values research and best practice. Each March, a $2,000 research scholarship for members of Epsilon Phi is awarded.
  • Annual spring Scholars Night event
  • The Sigma Induction ceremony in the spring inducts eligible undergraduate, second degree students, MSN, PhD and DNP students.
  • Free Continuing Educational Units, which are needed to maintain an RN licensure in Pennsylvania and many other states.

Sigma Officers 2021 at a conference

The 2021 Sigma Officers: Cara Morrill-Stoklosa, Kayle Lewis and Dr. Pamela Spigelmyer


Current Board




Kaylee Lewis

Vice President

Dr. Pamela Spigelmyer


Dr. Mayra Toney


Dr. Ruth Irwin

Governance Chair

Suzanne Sheaffer

Governance Committee Member Carmen Kiraly

Governance Committee Member

Julia Ciotti

Leadership Succession Chair

Dr. Manjulata Evatt

Research Chair

Dr. Linda Garand

Counselor Dr. Jessica Devido
Counselor Dr. Cara Morrill-Stoklosa
Convention Delegate Kaylee Lewis
Convention Delegate Suzanne Sheaffer
Past Presidents

Patricia Kelley - 2018-2021
Karen Jakub - 2015-2018
Yvonne Weideman - 2013-2015
Alicia Culleiton - 2011-2013
Alison Colbert - 2009-2011
Gretchen Schumacher - 2007-2009
Lynn Simko - 2005-2007
Carl Ross - 2003-2005
Tamara Wardell - 2001-2003
Carl Ross - 1999-2001
Maureen Leonardo - 1997-1999
Joan Lockhart - 1995-1997
Patrica Mihalcin - 1993-1995
Joanne White - 1991-1993
Evelyn Wilczynski - 1989-1991
Eileen Dittemore - 1987-1989
Kathleen Winter - 1984-1987
Barbara Martuscelli - 1981-1984
Patricia Lech - 1979-1981


International Awards

Epsilon Phi Chapter Research Award

2011 - Lenore Resick, Mona Counts and Joyce Knestrick: The Meaning of Health among Mid-Appalachian women within the Context of the Environment

2010 - Khlood Salman and Lenore Resick: The Meaning of Health Among Iraqi Refugee Women

2009 - Valerie Hascup: Understanding the Cultural Expressions, Meanings, Beliefs, Practices and Experiences of Mexican American Women During the Postpartum Period: An Ethnonursing Study Conceptualized Within Leininger's Culture Care Theory

2008 - Carrie Nickerson: A Comparison of Role Perceptions of Nursing Students in Two Different Curricula

2007 - Gretchen Schumacher: The Effect of Structured Group Reminiscence Photo Therapy on Depression in Rural Elderly Long Term Care Residents: A Pilot Study

2006 - Melanie Shuster: Reliability of Urinary Bladder Pressure Measurement in Critical Care

Epsilon Phi Chapter Award

2011 - Amy Wodzinski
2010 - Jessi Eno and Amber Lutterman
2009 - Samantha Scheer

2017 - Rebecca Muhl
2016 - Colleen Wren
2010 - Lydia Wade Baird
2009 - Stephanie Seelnacht
2008 - Regis Wintermantel
2005 - Erin Stants-Painter
2004 - Donna Falcone

Shirley P. Smith Epsilon Phi Scholarship Award

2017 - Bemmyr Lupinacci
2016 - Julie Rothberg
2009 - Kerri Peschock

Epsilon Phi Chapter Junior Nurse Leader

The Junior Nurse Leader position provides an opportunity for a senior nursing student to develop leadership skills through mentorship and experience in the Epsilon Phi Chapter of STTI.  Leadership activities include: being a STTI representative in the School of Nursing, assisting with Chapter administrative activities, and participating in local, regional, and national STTI events.

2017-2018 - Brittany Hopper
2016-2017 - Sarah Maura
2015-2016 - Kaylee Hopper
2010-2011 - Amy Wodzinski
2009-2010 - Jessi Eno and Amber Lutterman