Office of Student Affairs

The dedicated staff are committed to fulfilling the University's mission statement by establishing an academic partnership to promote student success in the School of Nursing.

The Office of Student Affairs assists nursing students with the following:

  • Academic advisement
  • Registration
  • Progression monitoring
  • Support workshops
  • Testing accommodations
  • Remediation coaching
  • Nursing Academic Preceptor (NAP) Peer Mentoring (Traditional BSN and Accelerated Second Degree BSN programs only)
  • School of Nursing Endowed Scholarship funding
  • Nurse faculty loan program

Meet the Staff - Offices in 550 Fisher Hall

Photo of Dr. Catherine DeLuca

Kate DeLuca, EdD, MBA

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

550E Fisher Hall

Photo of Alana Harteis

Alana Harteis, MEd

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(Last Names A-F)

550G Fisher Hall

Photo of Karen Bova

Karen Bova, MSEd

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(Last Names G-N)

550C Fisher Hall

Photo of Emily Lottes

Emily Lottes, MA

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
(Last Names O-Z)

550D Fisher Hall

Photo of Meg Barefoot

Meg Barefoot, ME

Graduate/Online Academic Advisor

550B Fisher Hall

Tara Boyers

Tara Boyers, MS

Graduate/Online Academic Advisor

550A Fisher Hall

Angela Zampetti

Administrative Assistant

550 Fisher Hall