Photo of Dr. Turk mentoring a student

Nursing Honors Program

We are excited to offer a Nursing Honors Program at Duquesne University School of Nursing! Eligible junior-level students will have the opportunity to work with a nursing mentor and develop skills that enhance their professional development and future career success. Participants in the Nursing Honors Program will graduate with a nursing honors distinction that sets them apart from their peers, making them more competitive for graduate school and job placements. Please see below for additional information about our Nursing Honors Program at Duquesne.


Dr. Melanie Turk
Director, Nursing Honors Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nursing Honors Program, and why would I want to apply for it?

  • The Honors Program is a way for ambitious nursing students to focus additional work in an area of interest significant to nursing.
  • Under the direction of their Nursing Honors Faculty Mentor, students will plan, carry out and write about an honors thesis project.
  • Nursing Honors students will stand out from their peers and on graduate school applications when they graduate with a transcript that states "Nursing Honors."

When does the Nursing Honors Program take place?

  • The work of the Honors Program takes place over three semesters-spring of junior year, fall of senior year and spring of senior year.
  • In the first semester (spring of junior year), students work with their Nursing Honors Faculty Mentor to decide on a topic for their Honor Project and begin their literature search. Projects should demonstrate evidence of critical and analytical thinking related to a clinical problem in nursing and may take the form of either an evidence-based practice project or an original research project.
  • During the second semester (fall of senior year), students work with the Honors Faculty Mentor to carry out the project and begin to analyze the collected data.
  • The final semester (spring of senior year) is when the student takes the Nursing Honors Thesis elective (3 credits), writes the Honors Thesis and presents a poster of the project at the University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium.

Who is eligible to participate in the Nursing Honors program?

  • Students who have earned a 3.3 cumulative university grade point average (GPA) and a 3.5 GPA in nursing courses after the completion of their sophomore year are eligible to apply in the fall of their junior year.
  • An information session will be held for interested junior-level students at the beginning of the fall term, and complete applications are due by October 15.

What is the Honors Thesis paper?

  • With the guidance of their Honors Faculty Mentor, nursing honors students will complete an Honors Thesis describing the project that they completed. Students will write their thesis paper in the format of a publishable manuscript under the direction of their Honors Faculty Mentor.
  • Students will work with their Honors Faculty Mentor to select a journal for publication of the thesis manuscript and follow the guidelines for authors. Manuscripts will then be submitted for publication in the selected journal. Manuscripts do not need to be accepted for publication prior to the student's graduation.

What is the process for the Nursing Honors presentation?

  • Honors students will submit an abstract of their project to the University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium for poster or podium presentation in the early spring of their senior year. The Symposium normally takes place in April.
  • Students selected for poster presentation will prepare a poster and be available by their poster during the scheduled poster viewing sessions to explain their work and respond to questions.
  • Students selected for podium presentation will give a brief oral presentation of their project and respond to audience questions.

What is the Nursing Honors Faculty Mentor's responsibility?

  • The Honors Faculty Mentor will guide you through the development and completion of your Honors Thesis project. This process involves frequent office meetings and regular feedback to guide and evaluate your work.
  • The Honors Faculty Mentor determines satisfactory completion of the Honors Project, thesis paper and presentation. Learning Contracts will be developed and completed in conjunction with the Honors Faculty Mentor for the three semesters of the Nursing Honors Program.
  • Honors Mentors will assist with the preparation of abstracts for submission to the University Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Symposium and the development of either the poster or podium presentation.

How do I apply?

Application instructions can be found in DORI.