Maymester group in Italy

Study Abroad Opportunities

At Duquesne, all levels of the nursing curriculum incorporate a global perspective.

The University offers a wide range of study abroad opportunities, which last for one week, a summer or an entire semester.

The School of Nursing also provides a number of opportunities for students to learn more about other cultures, experience nursing outside of the United States, and make a difference in global health care systems. For example, undergraduate students can serve vulnerable populations in Costa Rica. Online DNP and PhD students can study transcultural and global health perspectives, and the influences of culture on health systems through short-term coursework and cultural immersion in Italy or Ireland.

Some of these global experiences include:

Costa Rica

Nursing and Pharmacy students at a clinic in Costa Rica during Spring Break 2020

Participate in an eight-day interdisciplinary trip to Costa Rica, where you will provide education and care to families in several health facilities, homes, and schools. You will be accompanied by faculty and students from both the School of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy.

"The cultural immersion that I experienced while in San José, Costa Rica not only has helped me become more aware of other areas of the world but also has helped me become a better future nurse. I was able to help others who needed medical attention and fine-tune my own assessment skills. I am so happy that this opportunity was available to me because I always wanted to go abroad and make a difference." —Julie M., BSN student

Group of students in Costa Rican jungle Spring Break 2020
student in Cost Rica Spring Break 2020


Experience an interdisciplinary trip with the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, in conjunction with Pure Thirst (a student organization). You will work with a community in Northern Tanzania to help identify better access to clean water and explore ways to improve water quality.

This trip will take place over the course of two to three weeks in May-June.


Photo of study abroad students in Italy outside of ISMETT

Select courses from the Nursing curriculum are offered at the Duquesne University campus in Rome. Health care and the nursing profession in Italy will also be explored in this Maymester program.

"My favorite DU nursing memory would be traveling to Rome for the study abroad program and having firsthand experience with a different culture." —Julia L., BSN student


While currently on hold due to civil unrest, School of Nursing students have historically traveled to Nicaragua, spending several days at a time with families in Managua. Nursing students and UPOLI offered a host of services such as medication, education and screening to families in their homes.

Nicaragua student trip