Academic Research Centers

Through leading-edge innovation and collaborative interactions among students, faculty, university partners and the community, our Academic Research Centers provide extensive resources and opportunities for practical, hands-on experience that prepares our students to make a difference in their communities. Here, students can explore pathways to developing new treatments and delivery methods that advance the disciplines of pharmacy practice, care, services, information and technology.

Center For Integrative Health

The Duquesne University Center for Integrative Health (DUCIH) is committed to improving the health and wellness of our campus and neighboring communities through interdisciplinary practice, teaching and research.

Center For Pharmacy Care

The Center for Pharmacy Care is part of the Duquesne University Pharmacy and is a pharmacist-coordinated provider of disease prevention and disease management services for the Duquesne University campus and Pittsburgh community.

Giant Eagle Center For Pharmacy Practice

The goal of the Giant Eagle Center for Pharmacy Practice is to provide an environment for pharmacy students to integrate, reinforce, and enhance student learning.

Center For Pharmaceutical Technology

The Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology (DCPT) focuses on the advancement of pharmaceutical manufacturing through the application of appropriate technologies for the improvement of safety, quality and efficiency throughout the pharmaceutical industry.