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Professor of Pharmacology and Anesthesiology
Dental Anesthesiologist
Course Director

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Director of Continuing Dental Education

    • Mary Beth Heathcote, BS Pharm, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Clinical Psychologist

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Forensic Toxicologist
Director of Center for Forensic Science and Law

    • Pamela Wrobleski, CRNA MPM

Clinical Director, BPW Anesthesia

    • Gregory W. Long, DMD

Dental Anesthesiologist
Private Practice
Clinical Instructor

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy
Clinical, Social and Administrative Sciences

    • Richard Celko, DMD, MBA

Dental Director, UPMC Health Plans

    • Scott Fick, EMT-P

Mutual Aid Ambulance Service