Flu And COVID-19 Vaccinations At DU!

Fall Influenza & COVID-19 Clinics

Receiving your COVID-19 and flu vaccine are essential in protecting your family and community from vaccine preventable diseases and outbreaks. Help fight COVID-19 and the flu at DU by attending one of the below walk-in clinics or contact the Center for Pharmacy Care to schedule your one-on-one appointment.

Large Walk-In Clinics

Vaccination clinics will be held in the Power Center on the following dates from 10am-2pm:

  • Tuesday, September 28
  • Monday, October 11
  • Monday, October 25
  • Wednesday, November 10
Walk-In Clinics

Walk-in Clinics available on Mondays (1-3:00 p.m.), Wednesdays (12-1:00 p.m.) and Fridays (2-4:00 p.m.) at various locations across campus.

Mondays (1-3 PM) Wednesdays (12-1 PM) Fridays (2-4 PM)
9.20: Union 2nd Floor 9.22: 607 Union 9.24: 607 Union
9.27: Towers 2nd Floor 9.29: 607 Union 10.1: 607 Union
10.4: Union 2nd Floor 10.6: 607 Union 10.8: 607 Union
10.11: Power Center Ballroom 
10.13: 607 Union 10.15: 607 Union
10.18: Union 2nd Floor 10.20: 607 Union 10.22: 607 Union
10.25: Power Center Ballroom
10.27: 607 Union 10.29: 607 Union
11.1: Towers 2nd Floor 11.3: 607 Union 11.5: 607 Union
11.8: Union 2nd Floor 11.10: Power Center Ballroom 
11.12: 607 Union

The vaccine clinic on the 2nd Floor of the Union will be located across from the PNC ATM machines and DU Card Center.

By Appointment

To schedule an individual appointment to receive your vaccine at the Center for Pharmacy Care please contact 412.396.2155 or cpc@duq.edu. The Center for Pharmacy Care is now located in the Muldoon Building, at the corner of Chatham square and 5th avenue.

  • Insurance cards will need to be presented at the time of vaccination so please be sure to remember to bring your insurance card with you. Vaccinations are free with most major insurances
  • Duquesne employees and students with University benefits may receive the vaccine at no cost
  • Cash Price: $35

In collaboration with the Duquesne University Center for Integrative Health.