*NEW* Community-Based Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program

The Test2LearnTM Community-based Pharmacogenomics Certificate Program teaches the principles of pharmacogenomics as well as its practical implications in a variety of disease states. The program trains pharmacists to decipher and translate genetic tests, make appropriate recommendations for the patient, and counsel and collaborate with providers to help optimize patient medication regimens. 

The program is comprised of online home study modules and in-person live components, including an optional activity for learners to undergo personal genomic testing. The online home study module and the one-day, live, in-person module total 20 credit hours of pharmacogenomics educational content and leads to a certificate of achievement.

The certificate program is conducted in three parts:

  • Self-study activities (12 hours)
  • Live Interactive seminar (8 hours)
  • Post-seminar assessment

Program participants have the opportunity to use an anonymous genomic data set, or their own personal data, for the live session. Interested in using your personal genetic data? Learners who wish to participate in 23andMe testing will be able to request a redemption code to receive the Health + Ancestry service kit for $99+shipping (50% off). Price for certificate program does not include 23andMe testing. Testing results take 4-6 weeks and are not guaranteed to be returned by the program date. If you prefer not to use your own personal genomic information there will be data available so that you are able to fully participate in the learning experience.


Elizabeth Bunk, Pharm.D.
Clinical Pharmacist, Duquesne University Center for Pharmacy Care


Student: $350
Preceptor/Alumni: $380
Nonprofit: $400
Other Healthcare Practioner: $425

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