Medicinal Chemistry


Patrick Flaherty, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry; Ph.D. Synthetic medicinal chemistry and rational drug design, emphasis on emerging biochemical targets relevant to human disease states, modern synthetic methodology, and iterative rounds of computation, synthesis, then biochemical analysis; general therapeutic areas of interest are CNS agents and anti-cancer agents; current biological target are CDK5, microtubules, DXR, and alpha-synuclein.
gangjee Aleem Gangjee, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry; Mylan School of Pharmacy Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Synthetic medicinal chemistry, computer-assisted drug design, inhibitors of folate metabolizing enzymes, receptor tyronsine kinase inhibitors, antimitotic agents, antitumor agents, antiopportunistic infection agents, nucleosides, heterocyclic chemistry and stereochemistry.
harrold Marc W. Harrold, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry; Ph.D. Development of computer-based educational tools, instructional strategies in medicinal chemistry, drug design.
lapinsky David J Lapinsky, Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry; Ph.D. Primarily focused on the design and synthesis of molecular probes as tools for mapping drug-binding pockets within plasma membrane monoamine (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin) transporter (MAT) proteins.

Kevin J. Tidgewell, Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry; Ph.D. The Tidgewell labs primary focus is on pain and addiction with the broader scope being GPCRs involved in regulating CNS processes and other complex disease states.